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Womens Winter Sweater Pullover

Winter Sweater Pullover Collection

Price: /Was: $49.97/ Now: $29.97


LONGMING Women's Fashion Big V-Neck Pullover Loose Sexy Batwing Sleeve Wool Cashmere Sweater Winter Tops. Precious--Cashmere comes from the soft undercoat of goats bred to produce this silky material. Goats grow them in the winter to protect themselves from the harsh temperatures of Inner Mongolia. Quality cashmere is very scarce due to the production rate of only .2% world-wide and due to this scarcity, the fabric industry had labeled it the “Fiber Gem”. Origin - Inner Mongolia produces 40% of all the quality cashmere in the world. The evolution of goats throughout centuries in Inner Mongolia has resulted in the highest and most supple cashmere in the world. In addition, the largest importers of this cashmere are United States, United Kingdom and Italy.

Price: /Was: $64.99/ Now: $34.99


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