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Down Coat with Fur Hood

Beinia Valuker Women's

Price: $89.99


Down coat filling: 90% Duck Down, 10% Feather. Synthetic materials are also hypoallergenic, perfect for those who are sensitive to feathers.

Hooded with removable faux fur trim, excellent for colder winter days. The faux fur trim is easy to attach and detach, and the faux fur does not shed. (Packaged separately to avoid damage during transport).

The winter jacket is designed to be close fitting with a waist-tightening for creating a more fitted shape. Two-way front zipper closure and elasticized cuffs from the coat for adjusting warmth and comfort easily.

Three Pockets: Two deep outer side pockets (plush interior) with metal button, and one interior security pockets great for keys, phones, and other valuables.

Our Parka has developed for new high-quality outer fabric: Windproof, and water-repellent which will continue to insulate even when wet.

  Product Description 

 Detachable high quality faux fur The prockets are with metal buttons! The coat disigned in accordance with the Amerian bodyshape fits you better! 90% high quality white duck down! Super warm, fluffy, and lightweight! New high quality outer fabric: windproof, against water splash, ultra-soft, keep you warm in cold winter

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Linen Scarf Autumn

Collection 2018-19 Womens

Price: $18.99


100% Fine Linen.

Linen Scarf Becomes Softer & More Absorbent With Each Use & Wash.

27" x 78" (70 x 200 Cms).

60 Lea Fine Linen Yarn is used in making of these Scarves, made from European Grown Premium linen fiber of European Flax Standard.

Our Linen Scarves are Delightful Fashion Accessory for Summer Season, adds more Style & Value to any of your Outfits. Ideal for Fashion Party, College, Travel, Festive Season, Office Wear, Formal & Casual Wear. Impress your Loved Ones by Gifting them on Special Occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. as we Assure they will Fall in Love with Our scarves.

Machine/Hand Wash Cold, Line Dry in Shade, Warm Iron.

  Product Description 

  Linen scarf provides a coolness around your neck, thanks to the weave and linen fiber which allows more airflow and it’s structure means it stays away from your skin allowing better airflow over your body, making your body free of moisture. Linen is a stiff fabric and is less likely to cling to the skin; when it billows away, it quickly dries out and becomes cool again. Your Linen scarf feels cool to the touch and linen fabric will quickly remove perspiration from your skin. Linen is capable of absorbing moisture before quickly yielding it again.

  KEEPS YOU COOL IN SUMMERS Because of its molecular structure linen scarf can absorb as much as 1/5 of its weight before giving a feeling of being damp or wet. In other words, your linen scarf will absorb lots of perspiration and is unlikely to feel clammy as water evaporates off linen as quickly as off surface puddle. So, water is both absorbed and evaporated quickly. The result is your linen scarf acting like an excellent cooling system.

  UNEXPECTED WAYS TO USE LINEN SCARF Apart from there obvious and popular functions, a quality linen scarf can serve you in some other unexpected ways, becomes a head-band if you forget your hat at home, serve as a beach towel after unexpected swim, transform into a makeshift blanket to sit on. Linen Scarves are thin and lightweight, so can be even be tied to your handbag to add some touch to your overall style.

  OUR STORY SINCE 1907 Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Kashmir, KASHFAB owns a state-of-art manufacturing facility, where the high quality yarns are crafted into elegant scarves under the team of fabulous designers & experienced craftsmen. Late Mr. Abdul Ahad Dar sow the seed of purity & craftsmanship in the year 1907, followed by his son Late Mr. Mohammad Ismail Dar, who revolutionized handloom weaving in Kashmir & then Late Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad shaped his family art into the Brand KASHFAB.

  EUROPEAN FLAX STANDARD European Flax is the assurance of traceability for premium linen fibre grown in Europe. A natural and sustainable fibre, cultivated without artificial irrigation and GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) free.


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Get a $75.00 statement credit after first purchase made with new Discover it® card within 3 months. Terms and conditions apply. See offer for details. Apply Now Here!

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