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Intelligent Tool Wearable Powerful Massager

Vibration Frequency Wireless Viberate Toy for Body Relaxation

Price: $34.99

Safe material: The product adopts odorless and innoxious medical-grade silicone, soft, skin friendly, waterproof, easy to clean, and CE and ROHS authentication has been passed. Waterproof and quite design: The waterproof and ultra-quite design (lower than 50DB) enables you to use whenever and wherever possible as you please, such as working, shopping, fitness, conference, clubbing, doing housework, etc., even in your private swimming pool or bathtub, you can use it as you wish, but don't soak it in water! USB charging: USB charging facilitates carrying about. The charging port is the "DC" position on bottom of prosthesis, which has a protecting cover made of silicone to prevent water. Charging for 3 hours can make it used for 1 hour. 10m wireless remote function. Easy to clean. Multifunction massager: Convenient to use whenever and wherever possible. Able to relieve ache in feet, legs, neck, back, and shoulder, private parts and wherever positions of body. It is also a very convenient, practical and lovely gift specially designed for females, lovers and couples. 100% covert packaging to protect your privacy.

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